a darker sky is an interactive artist and experimental film director. 

Drawing on the history of immersive theatre, experimental film, and inhabited art, he aims to create a new kind of interactive experience - one predicated on social connection and creative collaboration with the audience.

With art and commissions crossing mediums, genres and countries, his latest piece IA2 is on display at Gunnersbury Park Museum from October 2023 to June 2024.

2024 Ember Chamber I Interactive,  Portrait Coming soon...

2023 IA 2         Interactive, Digital Commission for Gunnersbury Park  Museum's 'Set to Stun' 

2022       Internet Angel                                                       Interactive, Digital Exhibited at Ugly Duck London's 'Production of Post Truth' 

2019 Like Falling Stairs                                                 Live Cinema Recipient of the BrandX 'Flying Nun' Residency Programme

2017       you/me/tomorrow                                                       Theatre Performed as part of HOME MCR's Push Festival

2016       outdoors speeding / an ambulance musical Theatre Commission for 1121 Collective Manchester

2015       diony    Experimental Cinema Awarded National Open Art Competition's  Online Showcase